5 Reasons You Should Change Your Locks

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Changing Your LockssHow often do you change your locks? You need to know when it`s time to replace your locks because you don’t want to be budgeting for stolen items while you have the power to prevent such circumstances from happening. For purposes of this discussion, I have taken the time to assemble top 5 reasons you should change your locks. Continue reading this article to know the top secrets of securing your home and property. Without further ado, let me give you the details.

Top 5 Reasons for Changing your Locks

1. To replace old, worn out Lock

worn out lockLike most devices, locks are prone to wear and tear. If your locks are worn out or rusted, it may be time to start looking for a replacement. Old and defective locks are often easier to break, and even harder to open using their legitimate keys. You don’t want to be locked out in the cold: watch out for signs of wear and tear to avoid any inconvenience. If you have to tickle your key several times to open your lock, that is an indication your lock is becoming old, and you need an urgent replacement. After all, you can’t know who might take the advantage and break into your home. Start taking charge of your home and family security by getting a new lock.
As you probably already know, technology changes with time. And in the same way, Locks improve with time. If your locks are getting old, it may be a chance to replace them with latest brands for security reasons. While old locks may continue working in good condition, their quality and resistance to breakage tend to weaken with time, thus, it is important to replace them.

2. To replace lost, returned keys

lost keys3If you lost your keys or if you lost them and they were returned by a good person, you might want to replace your locks or keys. After all, you have no way of knowing if he or she made a backup copy of your key or if someone else had access to it. While he or she may be honest, it is always wise to avoid making assumptions. Visit your locksmith and buy a new lock and keys for your home.

3. When you have a new tenant or new roommate

If you decide to rent out your home, be sure to get a new lock each time you have a new tenant. While your old tenant may return the key, you have no way of ascertaining whether someone else has a copy of the key. To be on the safe side, you should contact Los Angeles Locksmith Pros and order a new lock.
Also, in a situation where your old roommate is leaving, and you want have to a new roommate; always buy new a new lock to replace the old one. Your old roommate may have made a backup copy of your key or someone else may have accessed it without his/her knowledge. To avoid such problems, be sure to get a new lock to ensure your home is safe and protected. You can also re-key instead of replacing the entire lock.

4. To replace Broken locks

If there was an attempted break-in in your home or property, the chances are your locks may have been compromised, and you need to take the right steps to secure your family and property. If the security of your lock has been compromised, you need to purchase a new lock. Watch out for break-in signs such loose and damaged locks. It is imperative to note that using a damaged lock puts your house at a higher risk of another robbery.

5. When you have shared your keys with repairmen, children or neighbors

Here, the idea is that your keys may fall into the wrong hands, especially when you share them with many people. If you have shared your keys with your repairman, you should replace them if he doesn’t return them. After all, you can’t know who might end up getting those keys.
If you let your neighbor to check on your house when you are away on holiday or vacation, be sure to change your locks whether he returns them or not. The idea is not that you can’t trust your neighbor because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have let him/she keep the keys in the first place, rather, it is due the fact that keys always have a way of getting into the wrong hands. To be on the safe side, you should always prioritize to change your locks whenever you allow someone to check on your house.
Also, if you give keys to your child so he can access the house when you are away, you should replace them regularly. Your kid may lend the keys to his friend or even drop them in the field. Thus, you should make arrangements to replace your locks regularly to avoid compromising the security of your property.

Certainly, there are more than five reasons you should change your locks. Concerns such as replacing broken or worn out locks, replacing lost and returned keys, replacing broken locks as well as replacing shared keys are just a few examples. You may also need to replace your keys for other reasons; for instance, when you are going through circumstances such as divorce or breakups. Here, the idea is that your property may become an area of contention during a divorce, thus, you will need to keep it safe. The bottom line is that you need to know when to replace your locks.

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In general, it is always advisable to change your locks after every few years. Whether you experience the above situations or not, the idea is that you will need to replace your locks and keys at some point in time. Certainly, keys and locks may not guarantee one hundred percent security of your home; you will also need to address other security issues such as surveillance. Nonetheless, if you have issues concerning the safety of your home and belongings, you may need to consult Los Angeles Locksmith Pros to  replace your locks.

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