The Best Schlage Locks On The Market

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Schlage logo1The FBI recently published an alarming statistics that in every five minutes, about 64 houses get broken into in the US alone. This statistics shows how some people can overlook the most important form of defense in their home which is the door lock, for that reason the pros at Locksmiths 365 understand that security and privacy is important and have a well presented team of mobile locksmiths are available 24/7 to deliver services in a respectful and timely manner.

Most people when selecting the type of door locks to be installed consider the type of security that door lock can offer first, then the cost and the design of the lock. They mostly have security spool pins and slightly bigger bolts that have bigger heads than most conventional door locks. Also, it’s important to have a professional install Schlage locks.

While selecting the best Schlage locks for your door, it is good to consider if the door is interior or exterior, because it takes different kind of locking system for each door.

Having Schlage locks can be appealing because they can be electronic locks therefore offering you the liberty of unlocking your doors using your mobile smart phone, and also change access codes for the locks at your convenience.

According to Chicago locksmith, Schlage locks are known to be of high quality, making it totally impossible to pick, bump, drill or rake the locks. They are designed with extremely hard materials, preventing the screws to be drilled out. They have cylinders embedded with plates that are resistant to drilling.

While choosing the best Schlage, it is best to put these things under consideration:

– Where is the door located in the house, and what room will the lock be used for?

– What is the function of the door? Will it have an alarm system, a key mode of entry, or will it be a deadbolt?

– Lastly, you should select the best design of lock that fits the design and decoration of your home, office or wherever the door lock is intended for.

Here is the list of the best Schlage door locks:

Schlage ND-Series:

Schlage NDThey are one of the best selling locks because they are tough, long lasting, easy to install and they can fit through different types of applications. An easy installation gives it the tendency to perform better, therefore giving you a lower cost of ownership.

These types of locks also go through a testing that is intensive so as to check its American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade level. Some of the test it undergoes include: cycle test, door impact test, resistance test, warped door test and bolt strength test.

The ND series offer premium durability and ease of service and maintenance because they contain the toughest cylinder. They also have levers that are reversible.

Schlage A-Series:

They can be used in a wide range of places including military barracks, offices, homes because they can withstand constant use, while providing maximum security to both people and personal belongings.

They are made with cold rolled steel which makes loosening of the locks impossible. Their heavy duty plates also keep the locksets firm to the door.

These door types are convenient for use by disabled people and those that are physically challenged because they offer wide range of designs formed in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Schlage D-Series:

Schlage D-seriesMost door locks designed have to stand constant use and abuse. Schlage D-Series are able to withstand regular use and still maintain the high security it is meant to provide because they are designed with a tough and dependable ANSI Grade 1 system of locks being able to be used in barracks, hospitals, back of house and other heavy traffic door types.

This series come in a wide range of designs and finishes to fit every door type and they are easy to maintain and service.

Schlage D-Series door knobs are designed by following a hard manufacturing standard giving them durability and allowing them to perform smoothly.

Like other Schlage locks, they undergo a comprehensive safety and security testing which include cycle test, resistance test, warped and bolt tests.

Schlage AL-Series:

They are designed to withstand both medium and high traffic flow in organizations such as banks, offices, retail shops and hotels.

A lot of locksets can experience loosening on the securely bolting chassis fixed on the door, but the AL-Series are designed with cold-rolled steel, having machined and threaded hubs, giving them the strength to prevent loosening.

They are non-handed door locks having a lock chassis designed with steel and zinc dichromate to ensure resistance to corrosion.

Schlage L-Series:

These door locks are designed with extra heavy duty mortise to enable them withstand rigorous use daily.

The L9000 series are good for use in the hospitals, factories and in schools where they offer consistent and reliable quality to last long.

Schlage L400 series are made for primary use in places like restrooms and small doors.

Schlage F-Series:

The F-Series are built using one of the hardest materials and advanced technology giving then a life time guarantee thereby enabling them to serve you for a long time.

Their cast mounting plate which is heavy duty keeps the lockset tightly held to the door. These locks are reversible. They are made with a latch bolt which is brass plated and can serve exterior functions also.

They are suitable for use in residential homes, offices and in schools. Call Los Angeles Locksmith Pros today to install your Schlage locks.

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