Top 5 Deadbolts on the Market

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Deadbolt lock2Nothing gives you more peace than a good locking system for your home whenever you’re away. Matter of fact, nothing comes first to you than your family and home’s security, right? Unlike a spring lock, deadbolts will provide your home with superior security preventing any malicious entry into your home. Whether the person is using a hammer or a pry bar, deadbolt locks are specially designed to make your door more resistant to entry.

The only way to ensure that the security of your home is guaranteed is by investing in a good deadbolt. How do you do that with numerous options available on the market today? Well, you’re in luck because this article gives you a list of top 5 deadbolts on the market you’ll be sure to make an informed decision in the end.

Schlage Camelot Keypad Model BE365VCAM716

Worried about losing your key or forgetting it somewhere else? No need to worry anymore. This top rated deadbolt by the Schlage Lock Company provides you easy entry to your home lets you rest easy knowing your house is safe. It comes with a lot of security features that offers a variety of solutions to many homeowners aside from its top quality and sophisticated look.

What’s more, the Schlage Camelot Keypad has a 9-volt battery sure to last up to three years and is perfect for various doors. Its unique modernized features include a 6 digit programming code that easily adds or deletes user codes in seconds. Even at night, you’ll be able to access your home quickly because the BE365VCAM716 keypad illuminates allowing you to enter your code easily.

Samsung Ezon SHS-3320 Digital Door Lock

Being a widely known and top brand, Samsung brings to the market yet another universal deadbolt, the SHS-3320 that allows users three different ways of unlocking. You can either access it by a user pin code, RFID card or a mechanical override key. Moreover, this deadbolt allows up to 70 users to be registered to gain access.

The Samsung Ezon SHS-3320 can fit a door of 35-55mm thickness and comes with an intrusion detection feature and random security code. With convenient functions like out-of –home security and automatic locking, you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe.

Kwikset 925 KEVO DB 15 Bluetooth-Enabled Deadbolt

Kwikset Kevo 925This deadbolt will surely appeal to anyone with a smartphone who doesn’t need to use keys to gain entry to their premises. With your smartphone as your key, you’ll easily be able to receive notifications of who locked or unlocked your door especially because it equally allows free unlimited eKeys.

Moreover, its Satin Nickel look brings out a modern touch to the Kwikset Kevo. To make things even more convenient, the Kwikset 925 Kevo gives you the freedom to add, delete or disable any eKey from your smartphone using the mobile app available on your Android or Apple i-OS enabled device.

Master Lock DSKP0603PD

Master Locks’ DSKP0603PD is among the top 5 deadbolts on the market because of its unique and convenient security features and keyless access. It is pretty easy to program and stores up to 20 different user codes. This electronic keypad deadbolt can fit on all doors and give you the freedom to choose any type depending on your color taste whether Satin Nickel, Polished Brass or Aged Bronze. Its NightWatch feature adds security to your home with just a simple click to lock out all keys at is water, dirt and ice proof making it ideal for any harsh outdoor condition.

Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619 Touch Screen Deadbolt

Yale TouchscreenYale Security’s deadbolt has a traditional design that will surely compliment any door. It gives you the ability to lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone while speaking to you in your preferred language whether English, French or Spanish. It can be customized to your needs including the privacy setting that lets you lock out all codes whenever you want. You have the freedom to add security to your home with the Yale YRD220 electronic touchscreen deadbolt that stores up to 25 entry codes.

With many brands competing to give you the best deadbolt that guarantees security to your home, you may be faced with an uphill task of selecting one that meets your security needs. Hopefully, this list of top 5 deadbolts on the market will help you make an informed decision. Also, if you’re in the area and need deadbolts installed, Los Angeles Locksmith Pros is the right choice.

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