Top Reasons To Re-Key Your Locks

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rekeying1There is nothing more important than protecting your home and belongings from thieves and unwanted intruders. Conventional lock and key systems allow you to secure your building and preserve the safety of your loved ones and treasured possessions. Unfortunately, the keys used in these locking systems may be accessed by other parties and it can be very difficult to audit who uses them and when they are used. Keys can be easily copied, and this creates a virtually untraceable security risk. The idea of strangers having a quick and easy access to your house when you lay down your head at night can be very scary and unsettling. You always want to feel safe and secure in all situations. One of the most efficient and convenient way to secure your building and assets is rekeying your locks.

If you don’t feel confident in your building’s traditional lock and key system, you have two options: change your locks or rekey your locks. Replacing your locks entirely is the more expensive and complicated method of securing your property, as it requires you to remove the locks completely and replace them with other models. This method is recommended only when you feel that the current locks are unreliable and you will need to upgrade to stronger, more secure locks.

If you are satisfied with your home’s locks but wish to take extra precautions to improve your home’s safety and security, or are afraid extra copies of the key may be floating around, you should consider re-keying your locks. This is the simpler and more cost effective method of ensuring the safety of both your home and yourself. It involves changing the locks so that they can be operated by another key. This is achieved by altering the tumbler, forcing a new key exchange, or changing the water configuration. Once the locks have been re-keyed, the new key will be able to operate the locks and the old key will become invalid.

Top Reasons To Get Your Locks Re-Keyed

1. You have lost your keys

lost car keyIf your house keys have vanished completely and you cannot trace them, then it’s a no brainer you need to take precautions. Whatever you have already lost is nothing compared to what you might lose if a criminal comes across your lost keys and knows your home. Don’t just reach for that spare key or have another key made. Engage a professional locksmith to have all of your locks re-keyed to keep yourself, your family and your belongings secure.

2. You misplaced your keys for several hours and you’re not sure whether it was accessed by someone else during that time

If your wallet, purse or handbag containing your house key has been lost or stolen, you don’t want to risk a break in. Even if your bag or wallet is returned with everything intact, someone could very easily have copied the key. This is, in fact, a known tactic that burglars use to rob a house – lift the wallet or handbag, jot down the home address from the driver’s license, copy the house key and plan a burglary! So if you know for certain that your keys went missing, even for a few hours, you might want to consider changing the locks.

3. You are moving into a new home

When moving into a new house or house rental, make sure you get your locks re-keyed. The previous residents may have given key copies to family members, friends or even contractors, and this could mean that you don’t have control of who has access to your house. Re-keying your locks will allow you to take back control, giving you peace of mind while also protecting your family and your belongings.

4. The locks mechanisms are showing lots of wear and tear

Door locks are usually exposed to wear and tear, weather influences and air pollution. Over time, they accumulate rust and become tarnished by oxidation. The metal used in these locks may also sustain scratches, dents or chipping. All these factors may compromise their internal mechanism and cause them to malfunction. If you are having problems opening or locking your door, it may be a sign that it may be time to get your locks re-keyed to ensure smooth operation.

5. When a roommate moves out

Old roommates or relatives may have copies of your keys, which they might have given to their relatives, friends or even neighbors. This could present the possibility of an uncontrolled intrusion, and leave you powerless when it comes to controlling access. So if you’re switching out residents, consider re-keying your locks to enhance the safety and security of your home.

6. You are going through a separation or divorce

DivorceIn an ideal world, every break up would be amicable, and both parties involved would come to a mutual understanding on all terms and conditions. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not so. Break ups can be stressful, traumatic, and often, can result in hostile situations and feelings of vindictiveness. If you’re going through a separation or divorce where you have retained the rights to a previously shared home, make sure you re-key your locks to keep your ex-partner or spouse from accessing your belongings and invading your privacy when you are not there.

7. You have had a break-in

If you’ve recently been a target of burglary, you may feel as though you can never feel completely secure in your home. You can never have peace of mind when you think how the burglar could slip in again while you are asleep. Fortunately, there is a solution – re-keying your locks. Having a professional locksmith re-key your locks will not only provide you with a sense of comfort and security, but also help rectify any damaged locks that could have been comprised during the break-in.

8. A worker has failed to return key copies

Does your former babysitter still have your key copies? What about the ex-pest control contractor? The last repairman who worked on your kitchen sink? You may have trusted this professional when you gave them the key, but now that they don’t work for you there is nothing to stop them from having access later on. You need to re-key your locks to secure your home and prized possessions.

9. The internal workings of your door locks have developed problems

As is with other mechanical systems, the internal locking mechanisms of your locks age and will wear out over time. The internal mechanism contains the most moving parts within the lock, so breakdown at some point is expected. Your locks will not work if these internal components have failed, and they will need to be re-keyed.

10. When you want to cut down on the number of keys you have in your keychain

Re-keying your door locks is a great way to cut down on the number of keys you have to carry around. If you think you carry too many keys with you, a professional locksmith like Los Angeles Locksmith Pros can put all of your building’s access points on a single key for a very reasonable price. This will greatly reduce the number of keys you lug around and make your life easier.

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