Why and When To Replace Your Locks

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Change Your Locks When Moving In L.A.

Devoted burglars and robbers are having a windfall as individuals and families move in new homes because of reasons, which are hidden in plain sight. Confessions and statistics have confirmed that these criminals have easy access to duplicate keys especially when an old home owner goes and a new one comes. Landlords and previous owners have been blamed roundly for being complicit to some of the crimes because they are the possible handlers of the duplicate keys. However, the buck should stop with the new tenants. Settling in a new home without your own new locks is as risky as walking on a tight rope between skyscrapers. Therefore, don’t forget to change your locks when moving into a new home. It is common knowledge that burglary has upgraded in terms of sophistication. This means that new home owners must consider enlisting the services of top-notch locksmiths to secure their precious homes and safety. Reputed locksmiths understand the risks involved in shifting residence and the need to apply the most effective security systems to protect their customers.

Changing Locks – Why You Should Keep Pace with Technology

Door lockThe ingenuity and innovative efforts in locksmith technology have shielded many homes from criminals who lurk at every nook of modern neighborhoods. Criminals operate with remarkable stealth and skills. Many of them are not just random individuals on the streets, but highly skilled thieves who understand the functioning of ordinary locks. Worse still, these robbers and burglars have committed time and effort to master the art of lock-picking. The only hope for people entering new homes is the advantage of technology, which has led to the development of burglar-proof locks that do not lend themselves to the skills of the outlaws. It makes great sense to consult with experienced and professional locksmiths regarding the most technologically advanced locks on the market. The varieties are numerous and require some depth of insight, which may be lacking in an average person who takes up residence in a new home. It is also important to consider the latest locks on the market because many of them come with unique security enhancements.

Change All Locks in the New Home – Los Angeles

Although it might seem costly and logistically challenging, all the locks in the new home must be changed or re-keyed. Only such a measure can guarantee maximum security of property and the safety of human lives. The locks of the main gate and the backyard must be given special priority. The front door locks and those of the garage should be changed as soon as the new owner settles in the house. Experts are always willing to dispense quality advice about the most effective locks that can secure the house against easy break-ins or criminal manipulation. It would be meaningless to remove all the locks and replace them with others of inferior quality. The task of changing residence can be daunting and time-consuming. However, this should not mean that the replacement of locks should be a cosmetic procedure with little regard to the objective of the process. One way of getting it right is to check on the details of the manufacturer and the reputation of the brand.

The Need for Complementary Security Upgrades

The replacement of locks is the first major step that new home owners should consider. It is usually the most important line of defense. The second step should entail the upgrading of the home’s security systems to enhance surveillance and protective aspects of security. Ultra-modern CCTV cameras are usually effective in elevating the levels of security of many homes. Security companies have manufactured other advanced surveillance devices that can detect threats and relay quality information in real time. Security alarms have also helped to thwart burglaries and other forms of threats. Cases have been reported where powerful security lights have intimidated criminals and kept them at bay. New home owners could also choose to keep one or two German Shepherds for defensive purposes. Collectively, these options can play a very crucial role in shielding a family or an individual in a new home from multiple threats.

Use the Locks Appropriately at All Times

Front door lockIt is one thing for people in new homes to buy locks. However, it is quite another for them to use the locks in ways that promote their security. Many people compromise the security of their homes by leaving the doors of their houses, gates, and garages dangerously open despite the fact that they have the best locks on the market. Criminals can strike at any time of night or day. Some families have been caught off-guard during breakfast or lunch hour. It is utterly wrong to imagine that certain hours are safe and others unsafe. Experienced outlaws often prey on such mentalities to launch surprise attacks. In this age of aggravated criminal attacks and terrorism, it pays to sustain an instinct of safety to minimize the levels of threats. Good locks require active instincts for them to help. New home owners should remember that criminals are always active and scheming their next moves. Reputed locksmiths should always be on board for those who wish to stay ahead of the criminals.

Replace Locks When You Loose Key Duplicates

Apart from replacing locks after moving to a new home, it is also necessary to change them again when their keys are lost even if they are found later. Detectives investigating different crimes have often traced the origin of some victims’ vulnerability to lost and found keys. Criminals can steal keys and duplicate them only to return them at an obvious spot for the owner to find. This makes it easier for the owners to continue trusting their locks without any suspicion that their security has been compromised. Every time a key gets lost, the owner should begin prompt arrangements for the replacement of locks as a safeguard against any adverse outcome. It should not matter if such changes are expensive because securing life and property takes first priority. More importantly, keys should be kept at designated places and handled by designated people in the home. Securing a new home entails multiple strategies that begin with lock replacement and the assistance of professional locksmiths.

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