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High security lock6There are a variety of brands that produce high-security locks of a range of security levels. It’s a crucial thing to be aware of these security levels as these too will aid in what type of safety lock system you will require and your locksmith can determine this for you.

In order to be sure the locks you are considering for your business are of a high degree of security, look for the UL listing which will be in the form of a symbol. It will be on the face of the cylinder or on the items packaging (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. which is an independent, nonprofit product testing organization).It indicate that a door lock or cylinder is well suited for this purpose. Actually Modern day access control systems that do much more than lock and unlock doors, so you can go on vacations without worrying about the safety of your home.

To earn a UL listing the product, a trial model, must pass attack and thorough performance tests and must meet strict guidelines for construction. A few of the requirements that must be met are that the product must have at least one thousand key changes. The device has to be constructed of bronze, brass, stainless steel or other like material was able to resist corrosion that can stand up to UL’s salt spray corrosion test. The locks must not be compromised or be opened during the attack test which uses hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, jaw-gripping wrenches, saws, chisels, electric drills (hand held), picking and key impressions tools and puller mechanisms. The unit must also operate as it is intended during ten thousand complete cycles of operation, not exceeding a rate of fifty cycles per minute.

When on your list of high-security products we need to have dependable and high security locking systems an essential part of the understanding, installation, service, and repair of these systems requires a skilled tradesmen in the locksmith industry with the know-how and ability to perform to your businesses needs and standards and solve all of your problems in this area.

Are you dependent on the bolt that came with the structure? then, you may be sacrificing your entity’s protection. They (latches) help to keep your door secured, but also save you money over the long term.

T-HandleT-Handles were first invented for use on Vending Machines. Over the years many different manufacturers have found ways to use them on a wide range of products. There are two major parts, the pop out handle and the body. The majority are made of zinc alloy. Stainless steel is used for high security applications.

The T-Handle uses a standard vending lock to secure it closed. When the lock is opened a handle pops out, this handle is either turned to open or it is rotated, unscrewing a locking bolt. Many different manufacturers make T-Handles, they are self-contained. The manufacturer of the device or machine builds the latching devices and incorporates them into their machines. When the T-Handle is installed into the machine it is connected to the latching or locking device, this creates a complete locking system.

As stated before the T-Handle is designed to accept standard vending locks manufactured by a variety of manufacturers in a many different security levels. The lock can be changed in a matter of seconds; therefor, the security level can be changed by changing the lock. Vending Locks from Cobra, Abloy and Medeco all have locks designed to operate in T-Handles. They provide different security levels all the way up to an electronic lock.

When looking directly at the front on the T-Handle there is a round hole that the lock will go into. The vending lock has a latch toward the end of the lock. The T-Handle has square holes toward the rear of the pop out handle. When the lock is inserted into the T-Handle the latch will pop up and go into the square hole. This secures the lock into the handle. When the handle is pushed into the T-Handle body the lock latch extends into the square holes in the body and they match up to the square holes of the handle. This action secures the handle closed into the body. As long as the handle is in the T-Handle body it cannot turn. When the lock is opened it releases the latch and the handle pops out allowing it to operate.

Besides vending machines, T-Handles are used on gas pumps, cabinets, emergency vehicles, industrial tool chests to name a few. Some manufacturers can supply both the T-Handle and a variety of locks in different security levels. It is important that the correct type of T-Handle and lock match the application for the best security.
Plenty of products sit on shelves that the “counter monkey” will identify as a high security lock. However, understanding which items are best rated and why is the key to owning the product for you. One method is to go with the global manufacturer. While that product might indeed be quality, it is also one of a large number, greatly increasing the likelihood a “crack” has been found.

Cheap door knobIf you choose a little known brand you might also run into the customer service limbo, or might find out that, since they are a small market company, they do not pay as much attention to detail, making their product comparable to big manufacturers. Not necessarily a bad thing, but why go with the unknown if the known works just as well?

It would be nice to do some research. Take a look at a few mass manufacturers and compare them with small companies. Get an idea of their credentials, what materials they use, and the technology behind what they do. Look on the internet for reviews of the locks to learn about other people’s experiences. Compare any new locks you may want to your current locks. Check out all the features and decide if the new locks are really worth more than what you already have.

Many manufacturers of composite doors offer their products complete with industry leading accreditations as standard or as available options. Both Pas 23/24 and Secured By Design are industry leading accreditations relating to the security of door products. Look for manufacturers offering these accreditations on their door products to be sure your chosen door has been tested to match or exceed the scope of requirements of the corresponding accreditation mark. Then make sure you call Los Angeles Locksmith Pros for installation of your high security locks.

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